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Everyone keeps telling me all about how my high school years are completely irrelevant to my life and I wont even think about it in a few years. I dont understand that, just because they think it was stupid, doesnt mean that it's not a part of my life. My life doesn't start when I graduate college or get married and have kids, it's literally happening right now. Those things may never come and I don't want to regret not living my life from the very beginning or to the fullest. What do you think?


High school is in no way irrelevant. All of the things that happened to me in high school are still part of me. I am still friends with the best people I knew in high school. A great deal of the self-exploration I did during those years continues to define me. The music and media I discovered then have hugely influenced what I’m into now (and a lot of that media is still the same stuff…like, I still watch Buffy…and the fact that Joss Whedon went on to do huge amazing stuff like The Avengers is really special for me because I was rooting for him when he was making weird, quirky, content with a cult following that I was proud to be a part of. 

That’s just one tiny example. 

And, of course, the insecurities that were created by crappy people and crappy situations in high school have continued to affect me, and I imagine will continue to affect me forever.

I basically created myself in high school. And I am still that self that I created…and if I had done a worse job of it, I would be a worse person. So don’t let anyone tell you that those years don’t matter. 




My roommate and his girlfriend got in the shower together and they’re… Talking about politics?

I was expecting to hear “OH GOD, HARDER,” not “George Washington was entirely correct in his prediction of what distinct parties would do to politics as a whole.”

Nope nevermind, there it is, apparently political debate is just their form of foreplay


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